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I have been a catalyst in the journey of 1000s of people in tech businesses.

Ranging from CEOs, CTOs, Software Developers, Designers, Marketing Managers, and everything in between.

All the while building a 7-figure tech business, and a couple of 5-6 figure businesses along the way.

The truth that I realized is, that only a select few of the people that I interacted with, were serious enough to pursue mastery and greatness in their craft. Everyone else was just looking for short-cuts and easy fixes to some meaningless pursuit plagued by confusion.

I enjoy working with those serious individuals, helping them by asking questions, and making sure NOT to intervene in their ingenuity. Helping them identify and remove roadblocks that prevent them from arriving at their ultimate destination, whatever it might be.

It is frustrating for many, but the ones who are serious, understand that there is no easy answer that fixes problems, only questions that help understand the problem until a solution reveals itself.

Get in touch on LinkedIn if you are serious about tech. Whether you’re a CEO looking to improve your top/bottom-line or a Software Developer who is on the journey to become world-class. If your journey is interesting enough for me, and you’re serious about your craft, we can find ways to work together.

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