Can you examine?

When you were a kid, you wanted to examine things for yourself. To understand the cause and effect of everything.

That ability was categorically removed out of you. Like with most of society’s doings, the intent wasn’t malicious, but the outcome is catastrophic nonetheless.

It starts with innocent and well-intended safety precautions:

Don’t touch the fire, it’ll burn you.

Don’t run towards the street, cars can hit you.

Don’t put that in your mouth, you can choke.


Then because you obey, these things become less about saving your life, and more about making you more tolerable to their liking.

Don’t raise your voice, it’s not polite.

Don’t play with that kid, he’s not good.

Don’t ask so many questions, it’s annoying.

Don’t question me, I’m your [insert authoritative title].


You have this instinct, that all which is being said can’t be the truth, so you start rebelling.

Then comes the next level: punishments and rewards.

Go to bed at this time, or else I will [insert physical harm]

Do your homework, or else I will [insert psychological torture]

If you be nice, you’ll get [insert cheap dopamine]


You start to internalize all of this. Piece by piece. And this becomes the internal tyrant in the shape of your mind.

Every time you stay up late, you get this voice automatically in your head. Followed by the feelings of fear that were felt when you were a kid.


Now your conditioning is complete, and almost irreversible.

Now whoever will offer you the same level of threat and pleasure combo, you’ll happily comply to their wishes.

Now you are a prisoner forever, with the illusion of freewill.

You have lost your ability to challenge, question, and examine things on your own.

You are converted into the invalid that requires instructions for everything. That if given the chance, will happily outsource their day-to-day existence to someone who promises to keep them safe and fed.


You seek programs to teach you how to be silent.

You seek books to learn how to interact with others.

You seek therapy to learn methods on how to be nice to people you love.


With no fault of your own, you have lost all capability to trust your instincts and to deeply examine the Truth.

You don’t need to learn this.

You were born with it, remember?

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