What is a leader?

Do you wish to be a great leader? An inspiration? A success story?

You can't attain those by pursuing them directly.

Because those things don't exist. They are concepts.

A person whom we call a great leader, didn't set his eye on becoming a "leader" at all.

He was going somewhere, and in going to that place, he needed others.

He shared where he was going, and people got inspired to follow him.

He didn't convince them to do so. He didn't sell the idea to them.

He was surprised that there were others who also saw a glimpse of what he saw, and were willing to put their hearts and soul into it.

That following didn't change his pursuit at all. He uncompromisingly continued on that journey.

He said the things that came to him from within, without thinking about how it would make others feel about him.

He did the things that would move him closer to that "somewhere" that he so desperately wanted to arrive at.

He let others join, only if it supported the pursuit, and cut others off, if it didn't.

When he reached there, the media and the journalists were waiting for him.

Asking questions to distill down his process into a "how to become a leader".

To write books and articles so that others could also become great leaders.

The only honest response that he could give in that moment would be: "What is a leader?".

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