What is it that you want?

To answer that question, you’ll first have to be in silence. Are you in silence? Maybe you’re in a room alone.

But wait, you still hear a voice. Maybe many voices. They aren’t your voice.

There are people trying to answer that question for you. You can’t silence them. And there is no need to try.

Let them speak. Let them speak to their heart’s content, and wait for your turn.

Are they all quiet now? No? Then maybe listen to what they are saying.

What is the answer they are giving you? Isn’t what they are saying, exactly what you have been trying to do?

Has all that trying taken you to the place where you would find what you have a longing for?

No? Then wouldn’t it be wise to ignore their answers?

If you realized that, in your bones, in your heart, you’ll begin to see that the volume of those voices starts going lower and lower.

You’ll start noticing that you can finally be in silence.

Now, that you are in silence, ask yourself…

What is it that you want?

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