Money, love and friendship

Humans seek entertainment and pleasure. They look for something, that will stop their mind from torturing them. To stop the constant bombardment of thoughts that tell them how they’re failing to be what they should be. There is nothing you can tell your mind that will stop it from arguing back. It’s a debate that you can’t win.

You look at others to get some fix for this problem.

You look at the millionaire, and he seems to be at peace on his yacht. So, you think money is the answer.

You look at a couple madly in love, and their smiles deceive you in thinking that they have not a worry in the world, so you start believing that love is the answer.

You look at a group of friends, who are living a “care-free” life, so you conclude that friendship must be the answer.

What you know for sure, but don’t want to understand, is that you’re looking at a fragment of their outward existence. Same as others are looking at you and thinking that you have the answer.

In reality, everyone has the same problem. Everyone is trying to find an escape from their mind.

The reason they don’t have an answer, is because they don’t know the real problem.

Once you realize the truth, the problem will no longer have a strong enough hold on you. And you would instinctively know how to free yourself from it. The only thing that is needed, is a sincere yearning for that understanding.

The reason your mind tortures you every minute of your day, is what it has been trained by society and culture to do. The intent might not have been malicious, but the outcome is catastrophic nonetheless. Every should and should not, every good and bad, every method and way that society has ever given you caused your mind to become this tyrant that now acts a surrogate to society.

Once you start seeing through the treacherous ways of your mind, you start understanding that the problem that you’re facing and the debate you’re having, is all a mind-created illusion. The roots of those thoughts are not grounded in reality, but concepts and words that you have picked up along the way, in order to fit in to society. The rewards that are promised, and the punishments that are used to control you by your mind, are not real. Because if they were real, they would have lasted. Examine your life, for yourself. Have any of those consequences really mattered beyond a certain timeframe?

That job that your mind said would make your life substantially more peaceful, did that peace last even for a month?

That gathering you attended to not upset some important people, even though you hated every minute of it, did it earn you the love and respect your mind promised you?

When you examine your life carefully, with the eyes of an observer, you’ll see that all those actions that you took to escape the mind, were also taken by the mind to give you an illusion of freedom.

Anything that is done to fulfill a need, in hopes of a reward, will end up in desire for more.

When you don’t need money, love, and friendship, to escape from something, only then you’ll experience them in their true magnificence.

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